Change of name HMT

HMT Heim + Möbel Technik GmbH has its origins in the family business HUWIL.

Continuing parts of HUWIL is wise. The name of the parent company HUWIL not to be lost, only consistently. For this reason HMT Heim + Möbel Technik GmbH made a name change to HUWIL Heim + Möbel Technik GmbH at the end of 2014 - to coincide with the 125th birthday of HUWIL. The short form HMT will be continued.

The new company name combines the old values of the family business Huwil and the innovations of the company HMT Heim + Möbel Technik GmbH.

In the course of the renaming, the logo was also updated and adapted to the future-oriented corporate philosophy.