Combination lock digital Eclipse 3760

As security becomes increasingly modern, we have expanded our product range.

Those looking to easily upgrade their office furniture with an electronic security system will be delighted with the simple retrofit capability of the Eclipse 3760 combination lock. The straightforward installation of the electronic lock offers versatile possibilities, whether it's for offices with freely accessible workstations or personal desks in homes. With just a few simple steps, cabinets can be protected against unwanted access.

The electronic lock features an adapter that is inserted into the previously removed original cylinder. The housing of the existing lever lock serves as a guide. The new lock fits perfectly and adds an elegant touch to the respective piece of furniture, thanks to its inconspicuous design.

A sturdy die-cast zinc alloy, combined with a digital 10-key keypad, ensures the necessary security. With the digital combination lock, the problem of lost keys is a thing of the past. Even if the programmed code is forgotten, the lock can be opened with the help of the emergency override key.

  • Optional installation on the left, right, or vertically
  • Battery status indicator
  • Public and private user modes
  • Mechanical 7-disc key override function
  • Compatible with interchangeable cylinder systems