Tooth moulding production optimised at Huwil

Toothed wooden slats are a real eye-catcher in an antique cupboard - which was custom-made by a carpenter in those days. Before the development of these mouldings, every single shelf had to be laboriously screwed together, so the shelves were absolutely static. Resourceful carpenters developed wooden toothed strips over time, so that shelves became height-adjustable.

The variable shelves made not only a cupboard but also a shelving system very flexible. However, the wooden toothed slats took up a relatively large amount of space in each cupboard and the weight to be carried could not be too heavy either. Therefore, over time, shelf support pins and plugs became established, which were plugged directly into the cabinet sides.

For even greater flexibility and, above all, load-bearing capacity, metal toothed strips were developed for screwing on or recessing into the piece of furniture. Today's metal shelf support rails allow for an enormous range in shelf construction.

The Huwil company was a pioneer in modern techniques; toothed slats and metal shelf support rails quickly became part of their sales programme and became absolute bestsellers. In order to remain competitive, HUWIL Heim + Möbel Technik GmbH has recently improved its production machinery.