Huwilft Duo Type 3667

SKU: 34.3667.DNS.0128


Delivery time: 4-5 weeks

Quick Overview:
Lid stay or braking flap stay - selectively
Set Huwilift DUO with mounting bracket hole spacing 28 mm and mounting bracket angled screw holes 4,2 mm (1 lid stay + 1 bracket angled + 1 bracket + assembly instruction). Lid stay for doors of 6 kg weight and 500 mm height when using 2 fittings e.g. Two alternative functions: depending on how it is regulated, it either holds the door in any set position or lets it slide down gently into the closed position. Convertible into a braking door stay. Easy clip-on installation, easy self-explanatory regulation. (arm’s length approx. 10 cm)

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